Wes Berg Avoids Achilles Surgery After Using ARPneuro

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Describe any improvements in your symptoms since beginning ARPneuro therapy.

ARPneuro therapy has reduced a ton of swelling in my Achilles and helped improve the mobility within my entire ankle. It has been a key part of my Achilles recovery, additionally helping troublesome hamstring and hip issues I’ve had from years of playing the sport. My inflammation and swelling have been heavily reduced using this technology.

How has ARPneuro therapy been different than other treatment options?

I have tried shockwave therapy, dry needling/acupuncture, cupping, deep tissue massage and pretty much everything else under the sun. Many of these treatments have helped a little but were not very sustainable.

With shockwave, the recovery time was much too long. I found my body adapted to the needles, cups and massage. While these procedures helped loosen up some muscles, they didn’t fix the overall problem I was having.

With ARPneuro Therapy, I can do the treatment directly before the game and perform! I also use it afterwards for recovery and I don’t need a lot of time after the treatment to rest.

“With ARPneuro Therapy, I can do the treatment directly before the game and perform!”

What made you decide to try ARPneuro therapy?

I had a number of nagging injuries from playing lacrosse and other sports. My major concern was a serious Achilles problem that was getting worse every season. I saw some professionals in the field and they recommended surgery, but I was looking for a less invasive way to fix my Achilles issues.

To continue playing professional lacrosse at a high level it was vital that I be able to run at full speed and cut/change direction. I had not been able to accelerate while sprinting even close to the speed I previously could before the injury.

Would you recommend ARPneuro therapy to others?

Definitely! It helped with a tight back, hips and neck. It helped fix a major issue with my Achilles. I tried the concussion treatment as well and although I haven’t had any serious problems with concussions, I can see how this would be beneficial for migraines and post-concussion trauma. 

Wes Berg plays Lacrosse for the San Diego Seals

Follow him on Instagram at @wesleyberg14


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