ARPneuro PRS
Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! While our device can get intense, the wave is smooth and less “bitey” than other units you will find out there. Many of our clients even like the sensation compared to what they have experienced in the past. 

Yes. The PRS is an FDA Cleared Device.

You can use this device for either movement or non-movement. However, this therapy works best during movements. 

It is going to be significantly more effective if you do movements with this device rather than just using it passively. 

This depends on you. Our How to Use video library suggest the minimum amount of time you should keep this device on. However, many choose to keep this on longer. Spending longer time on this device increases the effectiveness and speeds up your healing process. 

Not at all. The workout portion of this device is the byproduct of what its intended use is for – eliminating pain and neurologically rebalancing your body. 

We recommend that you use the ‘main pulse suspend’ feature while you sleep, or 6-8 hours.

This varies. However, many of our clients have seen reduction in pain and increase in range of motion with their first time on the device.

Typically 2-4 weeks, depending on how much time you spend and the activity that you do with the device. We recommend that you keep pads on the plastic backing and in the sealed pouch after every use. This will significantly increase the shelf life of your pads. 

Yes. A session with the PRS is similar to an intense workout. So, even at a low setting, the PRS can be overused, particularly if it’s on a smaller muscle. We recommend use on a single area no more than 1-2 times per day.

Additionally, we recommend that you utilize the blood flow feature (Main Pulse Suspend) for 20-30 minutes after a PRS session to speed up the recovery time.

We highly recommend that you only use the ARPneuro pads that are specifically tested for our device. You can purchase these pads in our store. 

This depends on what you are looking to target with your device. We have a library of  video protocols that show you the benefits of both, two pad, and 4 pad protocols.

There is not a specific tub that is required for the foot bath protocol. You can even use the bath tub if you do not have another option. 

We highly recommend that you secure the pads with the wraps provided for you when you purchased your device. This also increases the life of your pads. 

Our YouTube Fitness Channel shows how to secure pads for each workout.

Yes. It is perfectly safe to fly with the PRS. In fact, many clients like to place the pads on their back and neck during flight. 

During high intense use it can last up to 6 hours. When you are using it on the ‘Main Pulse Suspend’ feature, it can last up to 8 hours. 

You should charge the battery after every use so you have full power when you are using it. The device will start to beep when the battery is about to die. 

The ARPneuro PRS is HSA and FSA eligible.

The ARPneuro PRS is a portable, battery powered device. To charge your PRS in countries outside of the US, please use the appropriate wall plug adapter (not included with purchase).

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