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ARPneuro Therapy is used in chiropractic medicine, physical therapy, athletic training, and podiatry offices across the country. Not only is it an innovative technology, but its incredible results have helped these practices grow and thrive.

The success of ARPneuro Therapy is based on the exclusive use of the patented and FDA cleared Neuro Therapy process, beginning with the RX100.

The RX100

The ARPneuro Rx100 is an FDA cleared, Class 2 medical device that introduces electrical signals to the body’s soft tissue through conductive electrode pads to provide therapeutic treatment, accelerated recovery, and pain relief. 

The ARPneuro Rx100 features a blend of two signals: a main pulse and background signal. Electrical stimulation therapy has been found to be beneficial for many conditions. The Rx100 sends high frequency electrical impulses that retrain the nervous system and allow triggering action potential on healthy muscles. 

Depending on the parameters of the electrical impulses, different types of muscle work can be imposed on the stimulated muscles. This muscle work is then able to reduce old muscle compensation patterns and facilitate improved muscle performance. 

Practice Benefits

ARPneuro Therapy significantly improves patient treatment outcomes.

From the first session, ARPneuro Therapy offers relief from chronic pain. Each follow-up session offers patients a progression of increasingly longer periods of relief to re-train and eliminate the underlying neurological problem. 

Average treatment plan includes up to 20 treatments over a 2-4 week period. With ARPneuro Therapy you retain control of your patients and the efficiency of their care with better outcomes. 

Increase Referrals

Our documented results, as evidenced by our many testimonials and endorsements, creates zealous patient ambassadors, who in turn become powerful referral sources. 

With unmatched patient outcomes, ARPneuro Therapy offers your practice a meaningful edge over your competition.  

Join The Community

Adding ARPneuro Therapy to your practice is just the beginning. 

Become a certified ARPneuro provider and you’ll join a community of practitioners who are using this innovative therapy in their practice. 

We share, learn and grow together! 

How to Get Started

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Once you see the results from this therapy, there is no turning back!


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Get access to one-on-one online training along with an growing library of treatment protocols. 

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Grow Your Practice

Once you’ve joined the ARPneuro community, you’re a part of the team.

We’ll work together to educate your local community about ARPneuro Therapy.

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Clinic Success Stories

“Patients are oftentimes blown away by how ARPneuro Therapy can identify protection they’ve had in place – in some cases for years.”

Chris Craig
Founder & CEO
Fitness Genome

“After seeing the effect on people and realizing there was a better way to address pain and dysfunctions for our clients, especially our athletes, we started using ARPneuro therapy.”

Cari McClemons, MPT
Peak Performance P.T.

“It is so different than most therapies available that it ‘wows’ patients on their first visit and people ask for it and refer their friends/family, because it is so unique and effective”

Dr. Patrick Cucarola D.C.
Clinic Director
Fix Medical Group
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