The Science


Wave Goodbye To Pain

ARPneuro Therapy is based on sound science that is patented to identify and address the true source of pain from injury and stimulate accelerated recovery in the body's soft tissues.

Accelerated - Recovery - Performance

ARP stands for Accelerated Recovery Performance. ARPneuro Therapy drastically decreases chronic muscle pain, accelerates recovery time and improves physical performance – all 100% drug free!

The more well-known electrical stimulation therapies only focus only on where a patient feels pain and only provide temporary relief from pain symptoms. ARPneuro Therapy finds and treats the source of the pain, where it originated, and eliminates the physiological pain.

Nearly all injuries are the result of the body’s inability to absorb force properly. This force causes the brain and muscles to misfire, tricking the body into believing the pain is coming from symptomatic areas. Unlike other therapies that focus on where a patient feels pain, ARPneuro Therapy finds and treats the actual source of the pain using a high frequency, double exponential background waveform.

ACL Performance Study

Neuro Therapy Retrains The Brain To Body Communication
& Stimulates Healing

ARPneuro Therapy stimulates the soft tissues and increases blood flow to the source of the pain. This greatly accelerates healing. It also creates new neuro patterns to re-train the brain-to-body communication so that future force is more readily absorbed by the muscles, as it should, and is not passed on to the joints, ligaments, tendons, knees, back and/or hips, which were never intended to absorb so much force.

A recent pilot study on the effects of ARPneuro Therapy on the quadriceps after ACL surgery, conducted by the University of Hawaii’s John A. Burns School of Medicine, found “significant gains” in muscle recovery compared to standard rehab.

Fast Recovery & Relief

While typical rehab for many injuries is timed in months, recovery with the ARPneuro Therapy protocol is measured in days – consistently 60-80% faster than traditional rehab.

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