Mike Mathai Completes 350 Open Ocean Rowing Miles 3 months after Knee Injury

What's Your ARPneuro Story?

In July of 2021, I had a serious knee mishap that turned out to be a torn ACL, PCL, and medial meniscus as well as a tibial plateau fracture.

A friend in the lacrosse community got me started with ARP. Long story short, only 2-3 months after the injury I rowed over 350 open ocean miles! This would have been impossible without ARPneuro Therapy.

I had been using ARPneuro daily and during my rowing months, twice a day or more. In my opinion it greatly reduced healing time, improved recovery time between rows, allowed me to keep my rather limited range of motion, and is a good analgesic. For reasons unknown to me, it also significantly reduced swelling.

I am fortunate to have access to a wide variety of rehab aids including Game Ready, Normatech, galvanic stim, contrast baths etc. ARP is far and away my most effective modality. I would strongly recommend ARP to anyone.

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