Golf Swing Recovery: Tony Palazzolo’s Shoulder Injury Journey

Athletes of all levels will travel long distances to see experts and specialists to help them heal from their injuries and ailments, especially when surgery may be involved. Anyone who closely follows sports knows the name Dr. James Andrews, the world-renowned orthopedic surgeon who has worked on the knees, elbows, and shoulders of thousands of athletes. Unbeknownst to many, the answer to their battle with pain may be right around the corner.

Tony Palazzolo is an avid golfer. At the age of 53, Tony has been playing golf for more than 30 years, and he’s never suffered a serious injury. That changed last year.

The Injury: How It Happened

Warming up to play a round in Naples, Florida, Tony heard a pop, followed by a gush of pain. Never wanting to stop playing, he attempted to shake off the pain and keep going. Overwhelmed with agony, Tony had to put down his clubs.

With no respite from the pain away from the course, Tony struggled with his mobility while attempting to perform everyday tasks. He was barely able to raise his arm, put it behind his back, or move it past his hip. After a few weeks of not being able to put on a shirt or jacket, he decided to see an orthopedist in Florida.

Initial Treatment

The doctor diagnosed a small tear in Tony’s left shoulder. Attempts to treat the pain with cortisone shots and a platelet-rich plasma injection yielded some short-term relief.

Tony returned to his home in Bloomingdale, Illinois and went back to work. When he’s not running his home inspection business, he’s working in the field: climbing ladders, maneuvering through tight crawl spaces, traversing attics, and walking on roofs. As his serious pain lingered, a return to the tee box remained elusive.

Tony had a small tear in his left shoulder. Initial treatment included cortisone shots and plasma injections.

The Search for Alternative Treatment

A friend of Tony’s, who was experiencing back issues, recommended that he see Dr. Sam Battaglia at ARPneuro Therapy & Chiropractic, also in Bloomingdale. Because of the type of injury he had, Tony doubted that a chiropractor would be able to offer much relief.

Tony went to see Dr. Battaglia and it was recommended he start ARPneuro Therapy. Dr Battaglia explained how the therapy works and what to expect. He assured Tony that within two or three weeks he would be able to raise his hand above his head. Tony was still skeptical, but that feeling soon changed.

Tony began ARPneuro therapy and supplemented it with stretching, light weight work, and band therapy. He soon noticed his strength and flexibility improve. He said that he was amazed at the speed of his progress. And just as Dr. Battaglia predicted, in three weeks, Tony raised his arm above his head.

Eyeing a return to the links, Tony pressed on with his ARPneuro treatment. Encouraged by Dr. Battaglia, Tony began, lightly, swinging a club. As the weeks passed, Tony’s swing grew stronger. Then, with what once seemed like a distant target, Tony returned to the golf course. “I couldn’t believe I went from not being able to even grab a golf club to being able to swing a golf club in less than three months,” Tony said. “I almost want to call it an art form. You know how they’re putting these pads on you. And how they’re able to heal the body. In a much, much quicker time frame.”

Back on the Course

Back in pre-injury form, Tony hones his game on the greens and fairways of Medinah Country Club in Medinah, Illinois. He also serves on the club’s executive board and competes in numerous club tournaments, winning two of those contests this year.

Tony raves about ARPneuro therapy, describing it as a “great experience.” Whenever a conversation turns to talk about aliments and injuries, he recommends ARPneuro therapy. In the last year he’s referred numerous friends, colleagues, and club members to Dr. Battaglia.

“Nothing was working,” Tony said. “And then, all of a sudden, ARP therapy popped up, only a half a mile from my house.”

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