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From Athlete to Healer – How Dr. Julia Moen Found Relief from CRPS

Dr. Julia Moen is the founder of The Health & Wellness Center at Beach Cities Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, which has facilities in Manhattan Beach and will soon be expanding to San Pedro, California. She specializes in sports medicine and women’s health.

Dr. Moen has been active in sports and has been familiar with the medical field her entire life.  As a youngster she played soccer, basketball and ran track. And as the daughter of a doctor, she grew up intending on following her father into medicine.

Early Injuries & The Development of CRPS

While playing soccer in high school, Dr. Moen suffered a compound fibular and tibia fracture, resulting in two bones that protruded through her skin, and several severed nerves. She also suffered from drop foot, which left her unable to lock her ankle and bring her foot up. No longer able to kick, her soccer-playing days were behind her. In college she switched to field hockey. And in her new sport, she won All-American honors at DePauw University.

But chronic pain set in. Numerous surgeries and different medications failed to offer Dr. Moen relief from the pain, which persisted through the remainder of her field hockey career and after college.

“I had what they call complex regional pain syndrome,” she said. “I had constant nerve pain all the time in my leg.”

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is typically characterized by pain that is greater than would be expected from the injury that caused it. And while standard treatment options include medication, heat or cold therapy, physical therapy and biofeedback, there is no cure. For some individuals, CRPS can be a short-term condition but for others, it’s chronic.

The Search for CRPS Pain Relief

Despite receiving multiple types of treatments, nothing worked. The medication she was prescribed made her sick. The consistent pain and the experience of failed treatment after failed treatment forced Dr. Moen to abandon her ambition of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

Instead, she chose a career in chiropractic medicine. Throughout her career, Dr. Moen has treated a range of patients using different modalities. Eventually, she was introduced to ARPneuro Therapy as a treatment modality.  The decision to bring it into the clinic began to yield great results.

Discovering ARPneuro Therapy

During this time, Dr. Moen still searched for a way to relieve the pain that had lingered since high school.  After witnessing the success of the clinic’s patients who were treated with ARPneuro, she found the success that had eluded her since her soccer injury.

“That’s when I did it on myself, and I noticed I could actually bring up my foot a lot more, and my nerves started regenerating,” Dr. Moen said. But the successful outcomes didn’t stop there.

After popping an elbow out of its socket, Dr. Moen decided to give ARP another try, to help with pain in the injured area. Again, she had success.

“I mean that one was like, whoa, it kind of shocked me,” she said.

ARPneuro Therapy at Beach Cities Orthopedics

At Beach Cities Orthopedics, the patients range from professional athletes to student athletes to weekend warriors and regular people who are looking to retain, or regain, the ability to move and be active. Time after time a patient’s sought after relief results from ARPneuro Therapy.

“They come to me because they’ve tried all these different therapies, or saw all these different doctors,” Dr. Moen said. “And they don’t know what to do. And they’re still in pain.”

The doctors at BCO use ARPneuro to treat various post-surgery rehabilitation issues. Dr. Moen believes ARPneuro is a great tool to treat ailments such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and frozen shoulders.  And as a women’s health specialist, she is starting to use ARPneuro therapy to treat post-partum issues as well.

As a life-long athlete who has suffered from the agony of injury, and as a mother of three, Dr. Moen appreciates the advantages of ARPneuro therapy.

“I’ve had injuries,” she said.” “I know what it’s like having them. And to get people back out there quicker, back to do what they do, and love, that’s where ARPneuro has really put us above any other clinic.”

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