Does ARPneuro Therapy Work?

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Clients are amazed by the benefits ARPneuro Therapy provides and how fast the recovery is. Watch and read reviews from everyday people who have used ARPneuro Therapy to end pain, improve range of motion, heal faster & enhance their athletic performance.

Dr. Brian Miller

Dr. Sam Battaglia

The athletes I have worked with on ARPwave Neuro Therapy have had outstanding results. The unique waveform and simple protocols combine to deliver great results!

Wally – Assistant Athletic Trainer – World Champion Indianapolis Colts
I think the treatment is phenomenal. I came out of the University of Minnesota and was told I’d never play baseball again because of reconstructive surgery on my left wrist and with Ben and ARPwave Neuro Therapy I haven’t had any trouble since. That along with my ankle this spring, they said I’d be out 6 weeks, I wasn’t even out a week and a half and I didn’t miss any games. I’m a walking case for Ben, but he’s helped me every time.

Kevin Ericcson, 22, Wrist Surgery, Ankle Sprain
The New Jersey Soccer Group; the management company of the Millburn Magic, is partnering with ARPwave, a Millburn-based company whose revolutionary product allows athletes to prevent injury, accelerate recovery from all muscle injury and surgery and keep muscles fresh all season long and improve athletic performance.

Dr. Kan MD on ACL results
I cannot thank you enough for your help and resources, it definitely made a difference. I had the opportunity to witness first hand, the effectiveness of ARPwave Neuro Therapy and I am a firm believer in its capabilities.

David Grimes – Notre Dame Alum
* All mentions in these videos to ARP and ARPwave are referring to ARPwave Neuro Therapy.
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