ARPneuro Rx100 - Powered Muscle Stimulator

Our success is based upon the exclusive use of our patented and FDA - cleared Neuro Therapy process




What is the ARPneuro Rx100?

The ARPneuro Rx100 is an FDA - cleared, Class 2 medical device that introduces electrical signals to the body's soft tissue through conductive electrode pads to provide therapeutic treatment, accelerated recovery, and pain relief. 

The ARPneuro Rx100 features a blend of two signals: a main pulse and background signal. Electrical stimulation therapy has been found to be beneficial for many conditions. The Rx100 sends high frequency electrical impulses that retrain the nervous system and allow triggering action potential on healthy muscles. Depending on the parameters of the electrical impulses, different types of muscle work can be imposed on the stimulated muscles. This muscle work is then able to reduce old muscle compensation patterns and facilitate improved muscle performance. 

Our neuromuscular stimulator has been clinically proven to be beneficial to treat conditions including: relaxation of muscle spasms, prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy, increasing local blood circulation, improving active range of motion, muscle reeducation, maintaining or increasing range of motion, and workout recovery.