Bob Britz Avoids Rotator Cuff Surgery and Continues Active Lifestyle using ARPneuro PRS

Bob Britz is a 73-year-old retired physical education teacher and coach. If you didn’t know Bob, when you looked at his activity schedule you would think that you were looking at the after-school schedule of a teenager.

Try not get winded when you hear his list of activities. Bob is a cross county skier, runner, biker, golfer and competitive baseball player. 

Staying healthy is a priority for him, so when he feels the occasional aching muscle, he turns to the ARPneuro PRS. Whether he’s nursing an injury or feeling like he can catch a couple of weekend doubleheaders, Bob successfully relies on his home device.

“In the summertime, you know, I play a lot of baseball, but not as much as I used to,” Bob said.  “I do a lot of catching, and it’s hard, and it’s tiring on the legs.  So, I put I put the ARP on my legs to help with recovery.”

A Rotator Cuff Injury Forced Bob to Consider Surgery and Look for Alternatives

Over a year ago Bob suffered an arm injury while playing baseball in cold weather. Even though he didn’t completely tear his rotator cuff, the injury was severe enough that Bob faced the possibility of surgery.

Throwing baseballs from the age of five and never experiencing a sore arm, an operation wasn’t something Bob, who was 70 at the time of the injury, was interested in pursuing. Instead, he looked for an alternative for his rehab. His research, and an introduction to the product from a friend, led him to ARPneuro Therapy.  

Bob followed a home rehab program that included arm exercises and strength training, three times a week. In addition, he started using the ARPneuro PRS four to five times a week. Within a year Bob estimates that he was 80 to 90 percent back to his pre-injury form.

After Recovering from Injury, Bob Still Uses ARPneuro Regularly

In addition to playing league games throughout the summer, Bob’s teams compete in tournaments in Florida and Arizona. When playing in those events, Bob catches seven out of nine games. The ability to take the PRS on the road is a convenience that pays him dividends.

At 73, Bob remains active with cross county skiing, running, biking, golfing and competitive baseball.

“No matter where you go, if you travel, after a ball game, if you’ve got an hour, you can actually hook it up,” Bob said.

After experiencing success using the ARPneuro to return to the diamond, Bob incorporated the device to recover from playing golf, cross country skiing as well as his other athletic pursuits.

“It helps with everything, the stiffness, the soreness, those kinds of things, and I have to give a lot of credit to the ARP,” Bob said.

Bob believes that when something works, it’s not hard sharing. And he’s been spreading the word. Bob’s granddaughter – Sophie, who is heading off to Providence College to play basketball, and his grandson, Ethan, who plays ice hockey, looks forward to continuing his career in junior hockey – both use the ARPneuro to help recover after games.  

“They have also used it with some very good results,” Bob said.

Decreased recovery time, increased circulation, and an improved range of motion, allow Bob to spend his free time on the diamond, snow, and course golf course, instead of toiling in the yard.

“I believe in it.” Bob said in praise of his ARPneuro PRS. “I’ve gotten very good results from it.”

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