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ARPwave Neuro Therapy decreases chronic pain, increases range of motion, accelerates recovery time and improves physical performance.

ARPwave Devices


  • Contracts muscles 500x  per second.
  • Available through a licensed healthcare professional


  • Contracts muscles 245x  per second.
  • Over-the-counter device for at home use

Accelerated. Recovery. Performance.

ARPwave Neuro Therapy decreases chronic muscle pain, accelerates recovery time, and improves physical performance.

While other electrical stimulation therapies focus on where a patient feels pain and provide temporary relief from pain symptoms, ARPwave can find and treat the source of pain, where it originated, and eliminate the physiological pain. 

Nearly all injuries are the result of the body’s inability to absorb force properly. This force causes the brain and muscles to misfire, tricking the body into believing the pain is coming from symptomatic areas.  ARPwave technology finds and treats the actual source of the pain using a high frequency, double exponential background waveform.

Dr. Brianne Schroeder | Hypermobility In Chiropractic Clinic of Austin

Patient Benefits


Promote permanent, natural healing of soft tissue from the inside out for 60-80% faster recovery

Increase Performance

Improve range of motion, relieve muscle tightness, and improve flexibility

Strengthen Muscles

Replicate gym movements with lighter or no weight to build muscle, but protect joints


Extremely versatile for those seeking pain relief and accelerated recovery from a variety of chronic conditions.

The ARP Process

1. Select Protocol

The first step is to select a protocol for pad placement.

2. Stimulate

Two to four electrode pads are placed on specific muscle groups at the skin surface to stimulate soft tissues and increase blood flow to the area.

3. Re-Train

New neuro patterns are created that re-train the nervous system and eliminate old muscle compensation patterns.

4. Move

Movement is incorporated as muscles are conditioned to correctly absorb force.

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