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Whether you’ve been using ARPneuro Therapy for years or it’s your first time, we’ll tackle your questions head-on and review the protocols you want to learn more about.

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upcoming sessions:

ARPneuro Therapy for Peak Performance

Monday, December 11 - 7:00PM Central

Cari McClemons will share her experience using ARPneuro Therapy as a groundbreaking physical therapy modality. Delve into the unique insights and success stories from Cari’s journey, exploring the transformative effects of ARPneuro Therapy in the realm of individualized rehabilitation and performance enhancement.


Discover firsthand how this innovative approach has contributed to the well-being and peak physical potential of individuals. Don’t miss this engaging discussion at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and personalized physical therapy, offering a glimpse into the future of rehabilitative practices.

Cari is the Co-Owner of Peak Performance Physical Therapy. As a graduate of Emory University with a Masters in Physical Therapy, Cari’s journey led her to California, where she made a lasting impact at Scripps Green Hospital, fostering connections with physicians and the athletic community. She has traversed the globe, working with professional athletes in various sports.

Cari established Peak Performance Physical Therapy in Encinitas, CA, a clinic dedicated to personalized rehabilitation and injury prevention. Cari’s extensive knowledge and years of experience uniquely position her to develop individualized treatment plans, empowering the community to reach their peak physical potential. Join us for an enlightening conversation with Cari as we explore the transformative intersection of physical therapy and performance enhancement.

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