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Interview with Dr Jason Manalili

Monday, july 1 - 6:30PM Central

Join us for an interview with Dr. Jason Manalili, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS as he shares how he has integrated ARPneuro Therapy into his practice at Select a Location | MANKIND Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine (janeapp.com) in Irvine, CA.

Jason will discuss the applications and notable benefits of ARPneuro Therapy, highlighting positive outcomes and success stories from both elite athletes and weekend warriors. Learn how this cutting-edge therapy is revolutionizing rehabilitation and performance enhancement for a diverse range of patients and conditions.

Dr. Jason Manalili is a Co-Founder and Doctor of Physical Therapy at Mankind Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine in Irvine, CA. He earned his BA in Kinesiology and Psychology from Whittier College and his Doctor of Physical Therapy from the University of Southern California. With extensive experience in high school, collegiate, and professional sports settings, Jason has worked with athletes from the NFL, MLB, Bellator, and various other disciplines. He served as Director of Rehabilitation at Beach Cities Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, specializing in the overhead athlete and post-surgical management. A former Division 1 State Championship linebacker, Jason also led USC’s Multicultural Leadership Alliance, supporting PT mission trips and scholarships. Passionate about global outreach, he has provided physical therapy services in the Philippines, Costa Rica, and Mexico. He has recently incorporated ARPneuro Therapy into his practice at Mankind.

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