ARPneuro Live

Learn more about ARPneuro Therapy in an interactive live webinar. 

Join an upcoming session for a more in depth overview of ARPneuro featuring special topics and guests. There is an opportunity for Q&A in every session.

Healthcare Professionals:
Adding ARPneuro to your Practice

Thursday, April 18 - 12:00PM Central

Clinicians and Healthcare Practice Owners: Learn how to revolutionize your practice and enhance patient care with ARPneuro Therapy. This livestream event is exclusively for healthcare professionals who currently offer ARPneuro Therapy or are considering offering in the future.

Led by Ted A. Arkfeld, DC, MS, creator of The Neuro Way to Practice Program, this live stream will offer invaluable insights into leveraging ARP technology to optimize patient outcomes and practice efficiency.

  • Learn about The Neuro Way to Practice Program and its comprehensive benefits
  • We will discuss practical strategies for integrating ARPneuro Therapy into your practice
  • Key insights on enhancing patient engagement and retention
  • Opportunities for collaboration and growth within the ARPneuro community

Dr Ted Arkfeld, the visionary behind Neuro Way to Practice, brings a wealth of experience in clinical practice, coding, and healthcare management. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by healthcare professionals, Dr Ted Arkfeld is dedicated to sharing expertise and guiding practitioners toward success.

Learn more at www.neurowaytopractice.com

ARPneuro Therapy Q&A

Whether you’ve been using ARPneuro Therapy for years or it’s your first time, we’ll tackle your questions head-on and review the protocols you want to learn more about.

Submit questions live! Or send yours in ahead of time to info@arpneuro.com

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