Andrew Strange uses PRS for Pain Relief, Muscle Strengthening, and Recovery

What's Your ARPneuro Story?

I was able to have a couple of ARPneuro sessions and really enjoyed the experience and the way I felt the following days.

I noticed after just the first session that I was waking up with no pain in the treated areas when it would normally be the first thing I would feel in the mornings. The pain would come back during the day but the more I was using the ARP the longer it would take for symptoms to show up for the day.

I purchased a PRS and now use it 2-3 times per week. I do at least 2 workouts a week at home with the ARP and feel the difference in how my muscles and recovery respond. The ability to put the ARP on for 20 minutes and get the most intense and specific workout for the muscles I’m trying to work is next level.

The other thing that has been amazing is the background pulse mode that I use almost every night while relaxing. The ability to have my muscles working and recovering while I watch TV or read a book is AMAZING!

I can’t say enough good things about the ARP and have recommended it to countless people. Thanks ARP!

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